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Trending Web Designs To Follow In 2021 By Your UX Firm

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Web Design

Web Design

With the advent of home-based working and shopping, it is essential for businesses to go online, now more than ever. As the pandemic is keeping us from going out for longer hours, we look for options to entertain us, meet our needs and browse from the comfort of our homes. It is of the utmost importance to keep in mind the appropriate and trending Web Designs to attract the maximum online traffic. 

Many UX firms are still sticking to old patterns and layouts for making their websites. In the light of the present global circumstances, a timely update is crucial for your Website Design options and styles. 2021 has ushered in the era of a heightened user experience, which is impossible without studying the emerging trends. 

Listed below are some 2021 UX/UI trends that are crucial for each UX Website Design firm should follow.

Compact Minimalist Design

Chic and sophisticated designs are the new cool. Minimalism, as it seems, means highlighting one key element by complimenting it with colours, graphics and figures on a webpage. A solid colour will bring out the patterns in your product. Similarly, a bold type-face will not only highlight your title but also act as an aesthetic headline for your subtitle. 

Incorporate 3D graphics

3D graphics have not lost their charm in the past year and have now popped up as the trend every leading website is following. GIFs have contributed to it a lot and there is no stopping how entertaining and pleasant these can become with proper placement and utility.

Roll-outs are fun

With the advent of the compact design and minimalistic features, comes the innovative ‘roll-out’ layout of web design. Gone are the days when people actually read all the information you wrote on the main webpage of your business. It is not only tiresome for the eyes but also psychologically affects the user by rendering them desensitized towards the given information. 

Hovering over a heading and reading the relevant information is the order of the day and many users have given this layout a huge thumbs-up.

Say it with emojis

Emojis and GIFs are universally non-verbal components that can be used by any and all age ranges, throughout the world. It makes sense to incorporate them into your web design to make it more interesting and attractive. 

Keep it mobile-friendly

90% of the users these days employ a digital smartphone for convenient access to the internet. Make your website mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive for an enhanced user experience. It doesn’t bode well for a website that only caters to the needs of a laptop or PC-based layout. 

Bold colours and fonts with sharp contrasts are impressive!

Imagine a red sports car advertised on a solid yellow background. It is not only aesthetically appealing but also communicates a sense of passion and youth because of the use of primary colours. Use the colour palette to your advantage in creating UX/UI web design experiences. 

Use the white space

Negative space or blank space or white space is also a very underrated and underappreciated element in website designing. By putting strategic margins, frames and text in a way that stands out in contrast to the white space, the designer can achieve unbalanced symmetry, which is proven to be appeasing to users. 

There are many designing experimentations that are coming to the foreground this year. Plenty of website designers are bringing something new to the plate every day. Exciting user experiences mean exciting new trends to look forward to. Keep posted for more! 

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