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Tips for using WhatsApp in Education

3 min read
using WhatsApp

Whatever their attitude towards technology, most teachers and students are at least somewhat familiar with using WhatsApp. Perhaps you, like many other teachers, already use it to keep in touch with friends and family. This means that you have already taken the first big step in using it as a tool in teaching activities.

Students are also familiar with the use of WhatsApp and many young people actually prefer this type of communication to face-to-face interaction. These common experiences between the student and the teacher make WhatsApp one of the most accessible applications to use in educational activities and potentially in collaborative aspects.

The purpose of WhatsApp is to facilitate communication, therefore, all users maintain levels of interaction through this resource. Communication between people produces Education. WhatsApp has a set of tools that can promote endless utilities in the pedagogical area. Teachers can achieve faster and fluent communication with their students. It can also increase the level of interaction between students and thus create knowledge-building spheres.

Here are some basic strategies educators can use to take advantage of WhatsApp’s capabilities:

Use the Groups feature to create learning and study groups  ✓

Groups on WhatsApp can be used to create a closed space that everyone can access at any time, allowing for easier communication and sharing of materials. Students can use whatsapp groups to communicate with each other through this medium and are familiar with the idea of ​​sharing messages using screenshots or media forwarding.

Create audio lessons that can be sent directly to students  ✓

Any content can be enriched with complementary material and this can be sent to reinforce the programmed content.

Stay in touch with students outside of the classroom  ✓

The communication that you maintain as a teacher guide is very important for the development of your students’ learning.

Send assignments or practices to students, even when they are not in class  ✓

As a teacher, you know the level of achievement of each student and this can be a factor in helping each one of them.

Stay in touch with parents  ✓

The commitment of the parents in the accompaniment is fundamental for all formative processes.

Send videos to students  ✓

A teacher can easily send anything in one time to all the students using whatsapp groups. and interact with these resources to generate expectation or feedback.

Send graphics as pictures or charts directly to students  ✓

Preferably images in .png .jpg .gif formats

Send report cards directly to parents’ phones  ✓

By making use of this resource you can save time and printing material.

Facilitate real-time communication between students and teachers  ✓

You can use the video calling tool to engage students who for some reason did not attend class.

Facilitate real-time communication between teachers and parents  ✓

For any emergency this type of communication facilitates and is of great help.

So, feel free to do what many other teachers are doing with WhatsApp: download the application, play with it for a while if necessary, and start using it hard for the good of your goals as a teacher. Most of the students are enthusiastic about using WhatsApp and will get involved in the activities you propose. Your students will surely thank you for giving them the opportunity to learn through this familiar, simple and versatile tool.

WhatsApp for Teaching and Learning

Last but not least, the WhatsApp API can make a difference in teaching and learning.

In fact, the use of WhatsApp in the classroom to aid the educational process is nothing new. Since smartphones are so widespread, teachers have been doing it on a small scale long before the WhatsApp Business API existed.

Both traditional classrooms and online courses are increasingly beginning to incorporate mobile technologies. This trend is perpetuated by positive effects such as increased cooperation, collaboration and a better social atmosphere.

The different ways to use WhatsApp to improve learning and communication throughout the learning process are described below.

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