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The Best Dedicated Host Server in Town:2021

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Host Server

Host Server

Dedicated host server, what is this term, how it is essential, and where to get this are the basic terms that came to our mind when we heard of this word so let’s give light on this topic.

A dedicated host server is just like a cloud. It stores massive data, but the only difference is an allocated place for a particular why is it so crucial for a company that the answer is, in the current era, the data is like a treasure. It helps us to research and study the past and help to decrease the loss in the future? So, if the information is this essential, where will we store it for that these servers, more specifically these dedicated servers, help the company.

Now the question of where to get them from. Is there any shop, or is it available on the street? Basically, where are we going to find them? So IKOULA is a platform that provides you with these dedicated servers for your business.

IKOULA provides you with a number of dedicated servers divided into different ranges so that everyone can get facilitated from them. Not every business is the same, so for that, these facilities are generated by IKOULA.

Why should we prefer IKOULA? What is the specialty of this platform?

The first answer to this question is IKOULA has a great value system they believe in the term called BY PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE. IKOULA believes that the clients coming on their website are just like visitors at hotels, they should be treated with the best services. They understand your problems and solve them with the best resources.

Change is the constant of the world, so IKOULA tries to improve over time according to the client’s needs and improve them with the best possible market and get updated according to the requirement of their client the user experience is not compromised.

Now, if we talk about dedicated host servers, there are several ranges that IKOULA provides; as we mentioned before, let’s take a brief look at what they are.


The starter is a foundation. It is the first step you take through IKOULA and make a server for yourself your business


  • AGILE:

Agile is a good quality server along with great facilities included in it. This particular range of servers is suitable for video game development and blockchain projects etc.


  • POWER:

A power server is a more professional kind of server. It is for the business that is established and working well. In this range, raid cards and KVM on IP are also provided.



The XTREME server is a booster multiply by two. It is suitable for a significant scientific project.



These are high-performance servers that have high contains a graphic card and also flashes storage with a fusion IO card.


In this article, we have learned about a dedicated host server and why we use it. Along with that, we also learned about the IKOULA platform, how it works, and what values systems are related to the clients. IKOULA provides the services related to dedicated host service. There is a wide range of dedicated servers that we can use in every kind of business and even personal use. So what are you waiting for? Head on to the website of IKOULA” <a href= ” “”>_free text_</a>” and entertain yourself with these great deals to store your data for the future.








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