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Simple Method to change Yahoo Password on Mobile and Desktop

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Yahoo Password

Yahoo Password

Yahoo is one of the finest mail services that is used worldwide, with almost 225 million users. It is known for its efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of doing work. Moreover, you get plenty of options to customize your mail. With all these, there are times when you encounter some issues, and usually, these issues are too common to occur. They can affect your workflow and even can restrict the service for long or short periods of time. Other than this password of your account is also the main concern, users usually forget their password. One of the best ways to get rid of this password problem is to change the Yahoo password regularly. 

Changing Yahoo password regularly has several benefits like it helps to keep your account safe. It especially protects data theft because if you keep the same password for a long time, then it becomes easy to crack. So the question is how to change Yahoo password; for that, we have enlisted some of the easiest steps. Just go through them and implement as stated.

When do You Need to Change Yahoo Mail Password?

Some instances occur when you need to change the password of your Yahoo mail. It is considered that changing the Yahoo password on a regular basis helps to protect your data. No matter which email service you use, changing passwords always helps to keep your account protected from malware and other attacks. 

If you suspect any unusual activity in your account, then it would better that you change the password as soon as possible. Sometimes it becomes hard to remember the password due to its complexity; in such cases, you should password manager. There is a gamut of ways that an attacker can use to crack down your password, so keeping it complex is quite vital. Below we have mentioned ways by which you can change Yahoo password on mobile and desktop.  

How to Change Yahoo Password using Mobile?

The steps are quite simple and straightforward; you just need to follow them as stated. 

  • Launch your Yahoo mail app and then click on the three dots given on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Now on the menu, look for the “Manage Account” option and click on it.
  • In the account section, look for your account and click on it.
  • Click on the security information, and here you will get the password section.
  • Enter your password and then tap on “Change Password.”
  • After this, you need to tap on “I would rather change my password” and proceed.
  • Create a new password in the given “New Password” section and then re-enter the password to confirm it. 
  • After entering the password, click on “Continue” to change your password.

This is simply how to change yahoo password using mobile. Just follow the steps and you will easily complete the process.

How To Change Password On Yahoo Mail via Desktop?

If you are not able to change your password using your mobile then you can also use your desktop for the same. The process is more or less similar and can be completed in no time, so if you are facing any issue, then try using this way. Below we have mentioned some of the simplest steps to help to change passwords, go through them, and implement correctly.

  • Go to Yahoo mail using any of your compatible browsers and login to your account using your credentials.
  • Now click on the name tab and then click on the “Account info” this will open the Account page.
  • After this, head over to the “Account Security” and re-enter the account login information. 
  • Here you will get the options to change the password; click on the “Change Password” link given on the screen.
  • If you have enabled the Account key, then you need to click on “Manage” and then click on “Disable Account Key” given at the bottom of your screen.
  • You need to click on “Yes” to confirm the “Disable Account Key” feature. After this, click on “Change Password.”
  • Now enter the new password and again enter it confirm; remember to keep your password strong and include various characters as well.
  • After confirming the password, click on “Continue” and proceed.

This is again one of the simplest approaches of how to change the password on Yahoo Mail. Follow the steps as stated and instructed to complete the process without getting into any further trouble. That’s all you need to do to change the Yahoo password.

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