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OgyMogy WhatsApp Screen Monitor: Your Virtual Buddy

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WhatsApp Screen Monitor

WhatsApp Screen Monitor

The instant messaging chat app is used nowadays more frequently than cellular texting. They offer free service and along with text messages the user can avail many of other features as well. For example want to send an important image or video you can simply send it through the app, Or even can send it to more than one person by using the group chat feature.

Similarly want to make a conference call or send a voice message in the form of recording everything is possible with instant messaging chat apps. Another major use of the app is that it is now used in the business community and corporate sectors as well for official and unofficial business purposes.

These are used as a marketing tool as it is easy to send an image file to tons of people within seconds and reach a versatile audience to promote the business. 

In short instant messaging has made our life easy and relaxed. On the other hand with rising in the use of instant messaging app user like WhatsApp, there has been a huge increase in crime related to these social media apps as well. Whatsaap has nearly 2 billion active users and that makes it the number one social media app used worldwide. With that much active user hacking of WhatsApp and control over personal data is been on the rise as well. Thus to keep things under control different android spy software has offered WhatsApp monitoring services just like The OgyMogy spy app offers a WhatApp screen recorder that lets the user access the target person’s what’s app activities remotely. 

Use it as parental control to keep an eye on the teen WhatsApp message folder or as employee monitoring to monitor the WhatsApp activities of the employees, OgyMogy offers a trustworthy efficient service.

Real-Time Text Message Monitoring :

With the WhatsApp spy app feature, OgyMogy offers real-time access to the text message of the target person’s WhatsApp folder. Know about the text content of your teen and make sure they do not use any foul language. In the case of employee monitoring, keep eye on employee’s timely response to all the queries and messages by the customers on the official WhatsApp group. Timely and quick response is the key to efficient marketing.

Have Access to The Group Chat :

What’s app offers group chats service to the user. Keep an eye on the group chat of teens to know about the teen company and friends. A group chat tells about the lifestyle and interests of the group members. Monitor your teen group chat and make sure they are in good company.

Know About the Contacts:

Anyone who has access to WhatsApp can send the message to another user. Check the contact of the target person with the OgyMogy WhatsApp screen recorder feature and know about the log details. Keep your teen away from any bully or stalker on any other stranger. who contacts the teen with an evil mindset. 

Know About Inside Official Matters:

Know about the employees inside official maters by having access to the group chat of the employees. It can help the employer to know about the problems and issues of the employees.

Monitor The Media Shared Through WhatsApp:

Keep an eye on the media shared through the Whatsapp with OgyMogy spy app. This is a useful feature in the case of teen monitoring as it can allow the parents to know about their teen interests and habits. Discourage sharing of any adult or sexual content or any triggering material through the app. As media shared through the app can be shared from one group to another within seconds. So make sure your teen does not get dragged into any kind of unethical activity. 

Just like WhatsApp screen recorder, OgyMogy android spy software offers other useful features as well like Instagram screen recorder, Snapchat screen recorder, Viber screen recorder, Line screen recorder, Hike screen recorder, IMO screen recorder, and many others.

Step up your monitoring game with the OgyMogy spy app and use it. The parental app as well as the employee monitoring feature. Ogymogy to keep eye on the laptop, desktop, and tablet of the target person. 

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