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MilesWeb Review: The Best Dedicated Hosting for High Traffic Websites

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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

A good hosting service is where your site can handle heavy web traffic and provide enough storage and bandwidth without affecting the performance.

If your site takes longer times to load or crashes, it leaves a negative impression of your business upon the visitor. As your site grows and gains more popularity, the risk of losing it all also increases.

Your site should always handle traffic, uploading and downloading data in the form of media smoothly. And to get a high performing site, you need a hosting service that could provide enough resources.

Dedicated hosting services offer the most powerful features for websites of all kinds.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting or what is commonly called bare-metal dedicated server hosting, is the hosting where you get an entire physical server to yourself. With the power of one entire server to itself, the site hosted on dedicated servers can handle almost unlimited web traffic, smooth data exchange and vast memory storage without any downtimes. Dedicated hosting is a managed hosting service. Your service providers manage the security, customizations and other technical stuff.

Bottom line-

Dedicated hosting upgrades the performance of your websites and leaves zero chance of issues like downtimes or site crashes.

When do you need dedicated web hosting?

People are often skeptical when it comes to choosing web hosting plans. Shared web hosting is the cheapest service for hosting a personal or small business website with low traffic and resource requirements. However, it is not advisable for sites that get heavy traffic and data uploads in the form of large media files like high-resolution images, videos and such.

The next level is VPS hosting where you can host a website with heavy traffic and large media uploads. It even provides better security than shared hosting. However, the server resources that it provides sometimes overload the servers since it also has a shared hosting environment. It occurs when certain websites collectively demand an astronomical amount of resources that are too much for a single physical server. This affects the performance of websites and causes downtimes. Meaning, VPS hosting isn’t recommended for large and some upper-tier medium businesses.

Dedicated hosting is the plan that guarantees the best performance of a website irrespective of the traffic. It is expected since you get an entire server to host your websites giving you 100% access to all of its resources.

Let’s see an example to understand these differences

Shared hosting is like a personal office space like a desk or cabin that you get in a coworking space. It is perfect for small-time operations and highly affordable for small businesses.

VPS hosting is similar to leasing office space in a commercial building. You get a private office that is big enough to handle the operations of medium and some large businesses.

Dedicated hosting is getting the entire building for your office. Although it would cost you enormous amounts of money, you get an entire building as your workspace, perfect for a large company. Need I say what perks come with it?

What makes MilesWeb dedicated hosting the best?

MilesWeb is a highly acclaimed web hosting service provider that stands alongside big names like Hostinger, Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator and so on. They provide all types of hosting services like dedicated, shared, VPS, managed/unmanaged hosting, and AWS managed hosting.

But here are some reasons that set them apart from the rest.

High performing servers

The bare-metal dedicated servers of MilesWeb are world-class in terms of performance and output. All their servers are powered by Intel processors with some of the best processing, memory storage and bandwidth.

Their basic dedicated server has an E5-2609 2.4GHz processor with four cores, 8GB RAM, 1TB SAS storage and 1TB bandwidth.

Their highest performing servers provide two E5-2680 2.8GHz processors with twenty cores of Hyper-Threading Technology, 128GB RAM, four 1.2TB SAS storage and 5TB bandwidth.

Competitive Pricing

MilesWeb has made top-class servers available for dedicated hosting at fair prices. Their dedicated server hosting starts at ₹4,999/-

Service Uptime Guarantee

MilesWeb guarantees one of the highest levels of network uptime at 99.95%. The guarantee assures the optimum performance of websites hosted at MilesWeb’s dedicated server.

Complete Security

Dedicated hosting service provides the highest levels of privacy and security. You can even create private server clusters through virtual LAN subnets of 10Gbps. A dedicated team of experts manages the security by upgrading firewalls, security software, regular scanning for malware and spam and monitoring.

Here are the plans that MilesWeb provides for dedicated hosting:

24/7 Customer Support

One of the best reasons why businesses opt for MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting is their unlimited ticket and chat support. Their customer support is always available for their clients and there is no delay in their response, making MilesWeb’s customer support the best in the market.


Dedicated hosting is a premium hosting service most suited for businesses withlarge scale online operations. It is opted for sites that get heavy traffic like large e-commerce sites or by large agencies with high profile clientele. You can also resell hosting on a dedicated server to earn additional revenue.

MilesWeb provides salient features with its dedicated hostings like guaranteed high performance, managed services, security and even complete freedom to choose OS, control panel and other customizations.

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