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List of sweet-scented flowers for a heavenly smelling home

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Do you want your place to smell heavenly all the time? Well, it is a dream of everyone that their place smells good, especially when you have guests over. That is why we invest in good air fresheners, right? But do you know, these air fresheners are not very good for your health and its fragrance dont even last for a long time. No matter how much you spray it, the fragrance is short-lived. If you want your place to smell good all the time, you need a permanent solution to it. I would suggest you get flowers for your home. Well, if you have noticed, most of these air fresheners are made using flora scents. Here is a list of flowers that will add an aroma to your place. Next time, you send Lilies flower bouquet to your loved ones, you can pick fresh flowers from your own house. 

Sweet pea flowers

Sweets peas are very tender looking blooms that look great in any type of backdrop. Most of the time, these flowers are planted because of the pretty color of their blooms and also for their intense yet unique scents that linger around the whole space. The velvet-like blooms look so perfectly good that you will love them in your home and the scents of the sweet peas will keep you in a good mood throughout the day. Yes, the fragrance of these flowers is sweet enough to keep you floating and calm the stress. Thus, this climber definitely needs a place in your home. 

Roses flowers 

Is there anyone in the world who does not like the fragrance of a rose? Roses are one of the best smelling flowers out there. They have a sweet scent that is not very strong nor very light, just the right amount to calm your senses. The scents that roses have is very soothing for the mind and that is why rose scent is used in many cosmetic products. Other than the cosmetic industry, the flavor and the aroma of roses are used in the culinary world because the aromatic tint feels good served in the food as well. Other than its appearance, it’s the fragrance of the roses that makes it one of the most ordered flowers when people order flowers online for their loved ones. So, this flowering plant definitely needs a place on the list. Be it any color that roses are available in, pink, orange, white, red, etc, each variety has a soothing fragrance. Add rose plants in your home to add a sweet aroma to your place. 

Lavender flowers

Lavender flowers are commonly used in essential oils, perfumes, body care products, and other cosmetic products. This is because of the exotic fragrance that lavenders have and also because it has many healing properties. Lavenders infused oils are used to cure many types of body ailments. Also, the fragrance that lavenders have is capable of inducing sleep. Thus, this is maybe the most well-known flower planted for its fragrant blossoms. Lavender is by a wide margin one of the most utilized aromas in basic products for its unwinding and quieting properties. Lavender’s tall blue blossoms and wonderful fragrance make it amazing to plant along the boundary walls as well as the indoor garden. They love full sun and very much depleted soil. You can plant them in medium-sized pots and add it near windows and window sills. 


Who does not know jasmines are fragrant flowers? I mean the whole world is aware of the strong scents that jasmine has. This flower can turn any place into a heavenly smelling space with its existence. Only on plants is enough to get the best of the scents of the jasmine. Jasmines is so popularly known for its scent that it’s used in many skincare, haircare, and perfumes, etc. You can say that it is the most fragrant flower that you can have in your garden or house. The jasmines are usually planted in the garden and the scent of this plant can be recognized even from a distance. It can be grown in pots as well. You just need bigger sized pots to help jasmine thrive. Add them to a place that is connected to the other rooms so that you get an aromatic scent in all rooms. 


Not to confuse this flower with any species of roses due to its name, it has nothing to do with the rose family. The tuberose is a whole different flower. This plant gives out white-colored flowers that are open like a fan. They grow out in bunches that make the plant look fuller because it is a bulbous perennial. The plant is commonly known as rajanigandha or gulchadi in India. There is a chance that you already have tuberose in your garden, you might not be aware of the name. It is a strong scented flower that will fill the place with its aroma. If placing it indoors, this flowering plant can be grown easily in pots and placed near windows, or even your balcony. Adding them to your balcony will let you sip your morning and evening tea while enjoying the scents of this plant. The good part about this flowering plant is that once introduced in your house, the plant will continue to give out flowers for at least 2 to 3 years. 

This is the list of fragrant flowers that will leave your home smelling heavenly all day. 

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