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Best Working Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Life

4 min read
Increase Laptop Battery Life

Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Life – Modern laptops are more powerful than ever, and thanks to advances in mobile technology they are also the most efficient, giving them a longer battery life. However, they still fall short of meeting user needs, and many batteries do not last long enough. In this article we are going to give you some tips so that your laptop’s battery lasts longer, so that you can be using it for longer without having to plug it into the power.

All these tips are modifications to the laptop configuration that you can do yourself and in a very short time, although keep in mind that in some cases the user experience may change slightly; In any case, it is up to you to try it and see if it is worth doing it or not, of course.

Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Let’s start with tips related to set up, then move on to tips that are more general but also help improve battery life.

Reduce screen brightness

Reduce screen brightness to increase laptop battery life

A very bright screen consumes more power, so it is logical that reducing the brightness of the screen will save battery and increase its life. To do this, all laptops have shortcuts that normally consist of pressing the Fn key + directional keys (you will have it indicated by icons on the keys themselves).

Keep in mind that reducing the brightness will make the screen look darker, something that can result in a bad user experience, especially in very bright environments.

Change power settings

Windows 10 comes with a power setting that allows us to customise a lot, so that we can limit battery consumption to a great extent. In addition, we can have the laptop in maximum performance mode when we have it connected to the current and in low consumption mode when we are using the battery automatically, so in the end if we want to increase the battery life of the portable, all are advantages.

The energy settings can be accessed directly by typing “Energy” after pressing Start, or from the control panel.

Editing power options increases laptop battery

Here, by editing the power settings, we can select not only how we want the laptop to behave when it is inactive, connected or disconnected from the current, but we can also edit the active cooling profile, and even limit the maximum state of the processor to never work 100%. We will have less performance but more battery life.

Turn off the WiFi

It is normal that in all brand laptops we always have the WiFi on. However, it is one of the things that consumes the most battery and if you are not connected to any WiFi network even more because it will be constantly looking for networks to connect to. For this reason, if you are not connected to any network, it is advisable to turn off the WiFi on the laptop, since that will save a lot of battery.

Turn off or disconnect peripherals

USB peripherals consume power. Not much, but when we are trying to give extra minutes to the laptop battery then everything counts, and a simple USB mouse will be robbing us of precious minutes of autonomy that we will need for something else. So if you have peripherals connected to the laptop and you are not using them, turn them off or even unplug them to save battery life.

Energy Saver mode interface

One of the best tricks to increase battery life on any laptop is to control the brightness level. If you are connected to the current, you can have it to the maximum without any problem. But, in case you are going to use it outside the home, the best thing you can do to improve its performance is to lower the brightness level as much as you can. Yes, it is true that if you are outdoors you will need a higher level of brightness, but everything that can reduce it will help you lengthen its duration.

If you have a CD / DVD inserted, take it out

The CD / DVD players in laptops consume a huge amount of battery, and even if you are not using the CD or DVD at the time, just because there is something in the reader, the computer will be constantly scanning. Therefore, the recommendation is that if you want to increase the battery life in the laptop, do not have any CDs or DVDs in the drive.

And finally, another really useful trick to improve the performance of your laptop’s battery is to close applications that you are not using. Background processes consume more than you think, so while you’re not using certain applications, the best thing to do is close them. This will lengthen the time your computer lasts on.

Final Words.

I hope it really helped you to increase your laptop battery life. if you liked please share it with your friends.

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