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Topics 2 Important key concepts for parents

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Important key concepts for parents

a parent holds the hand of a small child

How to instill good learning habits in a young student, what should be the role of a parent and how to understand if there are any inconveniences.

Homework: A topic that gets a lot of discussions, and not only in Italy, because of its impact on family life. It often takes very little to learn how to cry and scream. So, weekends, instead of reviving parents and children, turn into (useless) matches.

1)    Homework is useful for the child

Homework is useful for children and their upbringing for the following reasons:

· Help the little student to cope with the size of the debt, make them study hard;

· Develops the child’s ability to organize and become more autonomous;

· Working at home, the child learns to better understand himself, respond to disappointment, persistently and decisively achieve his goal;

· At home the child can be more or less good, this is not the main thing. It’s important to keep going and not give up. “We remember that in many cases, giving up the situation is associated with the fear of failure,” says the psychologist.

Of course, “convincing” a child that homework is especially useful is not easy. For him, this is an obligation and takes time from the game. According to the psychologist, it is wrong to say that homework is fun. Lido Learning has always known this in detail and completely changed the scenario of learning games.

For children, homework is a duty and therefore boring a priori. The task as it is does not make much sense to associate it with the idea of ​​fun, which is confusing even for children.

2) Stress can be avoided with good habits

The first step to getting your kids used to doing their homework without much protest and more and more autonomously is to follow some simple (but effective) precautions. Here are some tips for parents.

· When doing your homework

Do not leave time to chance. Organization is important for children. It’s also important to be a little prescriptive in the beginning: if you decide, for example, to dedicate your Saturday morning to your homework, done, menstruation, you don’t have to do anything else. This approach helps the child learn to self-regulate.

· Where to do your homework

A place where they can do their homework should help the children focus. So if homework is done in the bedroom, the room should be tidy, and above all, in the office. Also, there should be no games, video games, TVs, balls or other things that could distract the child. If the bedroom is shared with a brother or sister or cannot be cleaned, you may need to find another place. For example, a kitchen table or a corner of the house with a desk and chair.

· Help when you need it

The more patient takes on the task of helping a child who asks for help or who does not understand something. It is better to think about it: swearing and screaming only aggravate the child and undermine confidence in his strength. Parents need to do the exact opposite: trust and emphasize positive outcomes (psychologists call this positive reinforcement). Read How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

· What to do if he is wrong

When a parent notices a mistake, he should invite the child to reread and understand what is wrong. On the other hand, it is useless to send your child to school with perfect homework if they don’t understand the concept. Indeed, it can be harmful, because the teacher will not be able to understand exactly how the child is preparing.

· Control or not control?

At the beginning of school, for example, it is best to check if the child forgets to do all the homework (not just the ones he prefers!) Or if he brings everything he needs for drawing or physical education on the right day. But then gradually the control should become less and less rigid, and, above all, the adult should not take the place of the child and do something for him. The child grows up, becomes more responsible and independent, and also learns to manage his life at school. Of course, every child has his own rhythms, the mother and father must respect them and understand when the child is ready for greater independence and no longer needs constant “supervision”.

Parents can convince their kids to sign up with any reputable platform that offers game-based learning. Lido’s lessons are one such example that helped children enjoy their homework.

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