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How To Improve Your Warehouse Output

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There are many ways to improve the output of your warehouse, whether you are looking at getting the orders out the door, or making your warehouse more cost-effective, or even improving your employee’s overall output.

Getting the right technology

There is always new technology on offer that could make your warehouse employee’s jobs so much easier. By having certain types of software to support your warehouse, your employees will be able to record all information about the products that come on to your site, including the date they enter your building, what it is, its product number, the supplier, the quantity coming in and whereabouts it belongs within your warehouse. This type of software could help your warehouse team no end as it will keep track of stock levels and stop employees wandering around looking for where it is kept. Some of the software can be run with a barcode system which will make your employee’s tasks even easier and quicker.

There are other types of technology available for your warehouse in the form of machinery, such as front loaders, rear loaders, and AMR robots which can help your employees get their jobs done faster and safer.

Shipping the right way

There is no secret that it is cheaper and faster to use pallet shipping to get your products out the door and to your customer’s premises. If you feel that your customers would not like pallet shipping or do not order enough of any of your products, you can always offer discounts on amounts that will require a pallet and see if you can get the orders in that way. Pallets can be more efficient when moving, packing, counting, storage, and actually shipping.

It is more efficient from a time and effort perspective and will make your product’s carbon footprint that much more desirable as it will cut down on the space and fuel used to ship it to your customers.

Checking all your costings

Looking into your costings is another way to improve your warehouse’s output. By checking how your teams pack and how they use packaging materials, you can gauge where savings can be made. It does not always pay to buy cheap. Cheap cardboard boxes fall apart easily, cheap tape does not stick so well, other packaging material may be thin and insufficient; therefore, more will need to be used to do a good job. This does not only cost more in money in the long term, but you will find that your employees are having to spend longer doing the job, so it will cost you more in wages too.

Make sure that when your employees are picking orders, they are not wandering around, spending time looking for the correct products instead of going straight to the location. If they are spending time wandering around, you may have to look into getting your warehouse organized and making it flow more effectively. You would be surprised by the amount of time that can be wasted by wandering around looking for items, especially when the employee is being paid by the hour.

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