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How to Choose All-round Smart Bracelets within a Limited Budget?

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Smart Bracelets

With the satisfaction of people’s material life, more and more people begin to focus on fitness. Wearable devices focused on fitness have become the choice of many consumers. At present, such as smart bracelets. 

The appearance of intelligent bracelets has changed the status quo. It has brought a brand-new fitness experience to users. It can track various body data of users in real time. Such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, calories, etc. Through these data, users can improve their living habits, make fitness plans, etc. Achieving the goal of healthy life. 

There are many smart bracelets in the market. So how choose an all-round smart bracelet within a limited budget? This has become a problem.

HUAWEI HONOR Band 5 is an intelligent bracelet with rich functions. Such as blood oxygen detection, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, etc. It seems to be an all-round intelligent bracelet. And its selling price is surprising. The low price of it shocked consumers. Is HONOR Band 5 worth buying? Let’s take a look at the HONOR Band 5 review

  1. Fashionable Appearance 

HUAWEI HONOR Band 5 uses a large AMOLED magic color screen. With bright and clear display screen and bright colors. Through different color displays we can see different information. Such as incoming calls and short messages, which is clear at a glance. At the same time, HONOR Band 5 supports various dial replacement with various styles. Users can switch according to different usage scenarios. Making HONOR Band 5 closer to the usage scenarios. 

The 100mAh battery capacity of HONOR Band 5 enables a strong endurance. Even if scientific sleep, continuous heart rate measurement and other functions are working at the same time. The endurance of HONOR Band 5 can reach 6 days. After turning off these functions, the endurance is as long as 14 days. 

2. Powerful data monitoring 

HONOR Band 5 has the functions of monitoring sports health data. Such as daily activity record, blood oxygen detection, sleep monitoring. And continuous heart rate monitoring, various exercise modes, sedentary reminding, etc. Among them, the blood oxygen detection function is special. It can comparable to a professional-grade blood oxygen meter. It can measure the blood oxygen saturation SpO2 and master the body changes. In addition, It has the high-performance heart rate sensor. It combined with AI intelligent drive and infrared technology. It can help users monitor heart rate and protect heart health. These functions are not common in smart bracelets with the same price. Showing the high cost performance of HONOR Band 5. 

3.Rich Functions 


In today’s intelligent society, HONOR Band 5 provides a more convenient way for the public. Not only provide users with various monitoring data and effective data analysis for sports and life. It helps users to control the playing of mobile phone. Such as playing music, control photographing, viewing messages, finding mobile phone positioning, etc. It has rich functions. 

In general, HONOR Band 5 is a smart bracelet with high cost performance. Of course, it’s worth buying. 

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