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How Employee Time Tracking Has Evolved Over The Years

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How Employee Time Tracking Has Evolved Over The Years

Employee time tracking has continually evolved over the past few decades, going from manually keeping track of how long an employee spent working to automatically recording the precise amount of time spent on various tasks. Employee time management processes have been used for many years, but what exactly has it meant for a company’s bottom line?

Time is the one thing most businesses have little control over. Employees spend time working to get the job done, and when the job is complete, they can leave. This type of employee time management is not only an excellent way to keep track of hours worked but it is also a reliable way to determine whether employees are doing their jobs correctly.

Tracking work from home

Employee time tracking systems were a hit during the 1970s when employee turnover was at an all-time high. Time clock solutions were installed in each workplace and quickly began to catch on. Businesses, both small and large, found they could cut down on employee turnover by ensuring that employees knew how much time they had worked, how much they were getting paid, and what kind of results they were achieving. A job clock became the norm for all sorts of businesses.

The next step in the evolution of employee time tracking systems occurred when software companies began designing computer applications. These applications helped businesses make more accurate employee time and attendance records. A simple timesheet form could be filled out through the software, and the employee would receive a report that detailed how much time he or she had actually worked for the company. Software programs designed specifically for timekeeping were available that required little maintenance and gave a company easy access to accurate data.

When the internet became popular, the next logical step in employee time management took place. The internet allowed companies to gain access to employee records online and from any location or device. Companies could save money by knowing exactly how many hours employees worked for them and which tasks were taking up the most time. The use of the internet for employee time management made it easier to monitor employee time more effectively.

Online time clock software created today is designed to be easy for employees and employers to use. Most solutions can be customized to meet each business’s varying needs and come equipped with beneficial features and functionalities. 

With more employees working from home, it is necessary to have the ability to track their hours from a distance. With online time clock software, this can be achieved as users can accurately track their time from any location and internet-connected device. This ability has become a staple feature of modern online timesheet software and will continue to stay that way for decades to come.

As employee time tracking technology continues to evolve, and businesses take advantage of new programs and its features, employee time tracking will become more effective and easier to maintain. With online employee time tracking software, managers no longer need to micromanage their employee’s work hours as the process is put back into the hands of the employee, therefore improving accountability and productivity. Business owners can turn their focus back on the essential aspects of running their business and rest easy, knowing that their employees are adequately compensated for their time worked.

If you are considering investing in an employee time tracking tool, then now is a great time. You have access to some of the most advanced time tracking tools we have ever seen, all for an affordable cost. Invest in your business and your employees today by implementing a modern employee time tracking tool at your company.

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