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Here Is Why Video Games Are Beneficial for Children

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Video Games

Video Games

Video games are proven to give kids a sense of connection, competencies, and autonomy that boost their self-esteem. 

We are not making the aforementioned claim on our own. A pediatrician and chair of the Canadian Pediatric Society’s Digital Health Task Force, Michelle Ponti, stated it. 

There are a lot of stereotypes that have been around regarding kids playing video games. So in this blog, we are going to debunk some of the more common myths about playing video games and its impact on kids. 

“The Lonely Player”

One of the most common stereotypes about kids that play video games is that they are considered lonely or socially awkward.

The behavioral psychologist Geert Verheijen who is also a video gamer in the Netherlands challenged this stereotype. He concluded in his research that kids who play interactive games are not lonely. Instead, they are combating loneliness by enhancing their communication skills. 

To add to this explanation further here is a little more knowledge to gain from Michelle Ponti.

Ponti says that online gaming helps socially-anxious kids. She explains this by saying online communication is much easier for kids who have difficulty in communicating in the real-life world. 

She further adds that as real-life world interaction can be crucial for these kids, having to practice online communication online through video games can help them to develop social skills.

Online Gaming Is Not Good for Children’s Education

Again, one of the most common stereotypes regarding video games is that it has a bad impact on children’s’ education. While extended screen times, be it watching TV shows or playing games, tends to interrupt with educational time, playing video games for a limited time does not impact a children’s education. 

Instead, what many do not know is playing video games can improve children’s academic skills. 

Online gaming, especially, gives continued space to children to learn in an environment. 

Video games are even recommended to be played online in the classroom. 

Let’s take the subject of math to understand what we are trying to say here. 

It has been observed that kids who play video games are better in mathematics. This is because, the foundation of game design involves the use of trigonometry, calculus, and algebra. 

The Progy Games that provide free math games for students have managed to increase their engagement in the subject. The games designed for students in grades 1 through 8 have been helpful for students in increasing their math test scores. 

Other than this, kids can learn about history as well through video games. 

History is one of the more difficult subjects to teach kids, as it is often perceived as a boring subject. However, allowing kids to play video games based on past events, help them take more interest in the subject. 

Games like Assassin’s Creed Franchise allows players to experience the historically accurate setting and also help them learn about historical figures from Renaissance Italy, Ancient Greece, the French and American Revolution, and Crusades. 

Video Games Have Bad Effect on Kid’s Language, Literacy Skills

While there is no doubt in the fact, that abusive language used in some online interactive games can have an impact on your kid, not all video games are of that type. 

Instead, according to a recent survey by the United Kingdom’s National Literacy Trust, more than 35% of children that played video games believe that they are better readers. 

The study also concludes that half of the participants in the survey read and write material that was related to gaming for at least every 30 days.

Not the Best Substitute

While videos game have a lot of benefits, as we have mentioned above, it still requires parental monitoring. This is because sometimes in online gaming young kids may get involved in abusive content or language which might damage their understanding.

Therefore, if you think that you won’t be able to monitor your kid while they are playing the games, you can switch their free time with some cable TV entertainment.

 If you have Spectrum cable TV entertainment at home, then you do not need to monitor which content they are watching. This is because Spectrum cable TV with its Spectrum Silver package allows you to customize your Spectrum Silver Channel Line Up so that you can select all the age-appropriate channels in your subscription.

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