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Buy Amazing Pakistani Clothes for Your Kids

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Pakistani Clothes

Pakistani Clothes

Living abroad, you must struggle with keeping the culture alive. Clothes play a very important part in doing that. Since it is very difficult to find proper traditional Pakistani kids clothes in the UK, you really miss out on a lot. Your kids start adapting the western culture and before you know it, you lose touch with your own traditions.

When I moved to the UK, first thing I missed was the Pakistani food and the next was Pakistani clothing. I did a lot of research and went from market to market to find good clothes for myself and my kids. Somehow, I managed to find some good eastern clothing for myself, as expensive as it was. But finding Pakistani kids clothes still stresses me out. There are not many childrens Pakistani clothes UK available. There is very little variety and most of the times it does not tempt the kids at all. I was scared that my kids would stop wearing eastern clothing altogether.

That’s when I came across this online store that was selling Pakistani kids clothing. Not just a few items but an entire collection of childrens Pakistani clothes UK. I am talking about the famous Libas e Jamila. I had heard the name a couple of times before but never thought about giving it a try. That’s because online shopping really scares me. You just never know what you are going to receive and that is plain scary for me.

But this time, after tiring myself out due to the search of Pakistani clothes for my daughter, I finally gave in and decided to take the chance.

Glad That I Took the Chance

There are a few things that feel like real happiness and that is finding something familiar away from home. Eastern clothing does that for me. When I finally placed my order for a couple of dresses for my daughter, I was suddenly happy. But the fear of unknown kicked in and I started waiting desperately for the package from Libas e Jamila.

My daughter was quite fond of eastern clothing when we used to live in Pakistan and I felt like that love was fading since we had moved to UK. So, when we were ordering these dresses for her, I made sure that she chose the dresses herself. She was not as much excited while placing the order. But I could see the spark in her eyes when we were opening up the package.

Let me tell you something, I have bought a lot of clothes for myself here in the UK but I have not seen such great quality eastern clothing anywhere. Everything from the fabric to the design and print to the embroidery was as fine as it could be. I absolutely loved how they focused on every little detail to make the outfits just perfect. Let me show you both the outfits in detail.

Pretty and Cute Girls Shalwar Kameez

The first dress was this beautiful khaddar shalwar kameez with a pure chiffon dupatta. The thing that impressed me the most was the quality of the fabric. It was just so fine to look at and feel as well. The print and colors were spot on and looked exactly as they had shown on the website. It made the perfect casual every day dress that I know my daughter will wear all the time.

We also ordered one fancier dress for occasions like family gatherings or small parties. The shirt was in a self-print with beautiful multicolored embroidery that really enhanced the look of the dress. It came with trousers and a nice net dupatta that matched the color of trouser and embroidery. The quality of this dress was also top notch.

Both these dresses were stitched and fit my daughter perfectly. The stitching was also very neatly done. Another thing that surprised me was the prices. The dresses turned out to be cheaper than I had imagined. I am in love with how they offer such great quality clothing in such an affordable price.

I recommend Libas e Jamila to anyone looking for quality eastern clothes in the UK. You can buy them for yourself or as gifts for friends and family. There services are incredible and definitely worth a try!

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