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Beginning of the new era of digitized learning

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The e-learning industry in India is growing massively. Statistics suggest that India is achieving a steady growth rate of 25% year-on-year and will touch an earning of billion-mark by 2021. Hence eLearning companies in India are coming out with innovative products for schools and universities. One of the major reasons why eLearning companies in India have high expectations and are working on different innovative e-learning solutions is because there are about 1.5 million schools in India and more than 16,000 higher educational institutes.

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These figures show how enormous Indian education is and the potential for growth for various eLearning companies in India. Keeping these circumstances in view, many start-up e-learning companies have come up in the market who specifically focus on application-based e-learning solutions. These K-12 curriculum development companies focus on building e-learning applications based on K-12 curriculum.

Digital learning – Beginning of a new era for learning

The new developments indicate that digital learning is not the way it was 15 to 20 ago as during those times opting for e-learning solutions was a luxury since the cost was slightly on the higher end. The technology has developed to such an extent that new digital tools have come up which can be easily incorporated in the e-learning solution to make it cheaper.

Also, there has been an expansion in the Indian digital market due to the growth of smartphone and tablet users; increasing penetration of the internet into the small towns and government participation to support e-learning. All these factors ensure that the majority of the schools can implement e-learning solutions as a part of the teaching methodology. Thus, K-12 curriculum development companies highly focus on launching various ingenious e-learning content in different devices such as tablets, mobiles, augmented reality and virtual reality devices, etc. These extraordinary modes of teaching have made learning possible from any place as per the learner’s convenience.

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Differentiating features of academic e-learning solutions 

The K-12 or the academic e-learning solutions developed by K-12 curriculum development companies stress the new-age technology platforms which can boost the performance of the students by helping them to understand the concepts comprehensively. To elaborate, they utilize two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation characters to explain various concepts. These characters were innovatively introduced and played major roles in the storyboard. Watching these e-learning animations are a delight for students as they felt they were watching some cartoons serial or an animated movie, and at the same time, they end up absorbing the concepts explained in the animations.

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Additionally, the e-learning solution includes virtual labs wherein the students could experiment with various possible experiments to understand their outcomes which can be applied while studying. Besides these, the user interface of academic e-learning solutions is so simplistic and easy to use that students can find the required content at the click of a button or easily find the required topic they want to learn from a host of topics. K-12 curriculum development companies also include a creative feature called track progress which allows the teachers, parents, and the students to understand the areas of improvement and their performance of students throughout the academic year. All these features enable students to excel as they can understand the topics from the ground level to the advanced level.

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