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Be the Boss: Building a Freelance Business

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The idea of being your own boss is a wonderful fantasy for many stuck in the monotony of office working. To a certain degree, freelance workers live this fantasy. They are entirely in charge of their own working hours and their workload, decide whom they work with and what they work on, deal directly with clients, and are beholden to no one but themselves. Despite this, working as a freelancer will likely not live up to the idle fantasy of being the boss, mainly because as a freelancer you still have to work. However, if the idea of working on your own terms and for yourself sounds good to you, then you may want to consider making the transition to freelance work. This article aims to highlight some potential areas of the freelance industry that you could break into as well as a more detailed investigation of why you should consider working freelance and how to prepare yourself to do so.

Why You Should Consider Working Freelance

Freelance work can be a fulfilling and exciting way to engage in projects that you truly enjoy. In many ways, transitioning to work freelance allows you more freedom to engage meaningfully in projects you care about. Additionally, it allows you to control your own working hours and workload. You have the potential to gain access to a variety of projects and also the freedom to decline work you don’t feel you need. In many ways, it can be a liberating experience, although it does have its drawbacks.

The only hurdle to this is cultivating a customer base that will pay for your services. This might seem like a daunting task, but if you consider the plethora of websites, such as Worksome, which connect freelancers to customers, then it becomes clear that the only thing really standing in the way of diving into the freelance career of your dreams is your own indecision.

Make no mistake, freelancing is no easy task. If you commit to a career in freelance, you will have to treat it, at the very least, in the same way you would a full-time position. However, for many, the freedom to work in a context and on content determined by them is more than worth the potential for struggle.

How to Best Prepare Yourself to Work Freelance

The best way to prepare yourself to transition to freelance working is to ensure you have the right mindset and attitude towards the work beforehand, as well as the necessary skills to engage in whatever field you wish to break into.

To ensure that you have the right mindset going into your freelance exploits, there is a simple concept that you absolutely must grasp. Your time is your most precious commodity. When you enter freelance work, even if you do not immediately have clients to work with, you should be using your time as effectively as possible, either to develop new skills or to fill out your portfolio of work to demonstrate your ability. This is because when you aren’t working, you aren’t earning. You do not have a set, guaranteed salary as a freelancer. This can be one of the biggest boons for a freelance worker but also one of the worst detractors, and it all comes down to mindset. You have to be able, willing, and committed to work, at least as much as you would in a traditional work environment, to be able to find true success in a freelance market.

Building a Brand

Once you have decided to begin your journey as a freelance business, you will want to select a career pathway to focus on and begin to build your brand. Though there are a number of potential avenues for building your brand in freelance work, one of the most interesting and viable paths to explore is the influence of social media.

Social media marketing is an invaluable tool to raise awareness of almost any business, and the majority of this work falls on the shoulders of social media influencers. While large companies can afford to spend the time and money necessary to cultivate enormous followings online, it simply isn’t economical for you to attempt to do the same as a freelancer. This means that you will need to employ the aid of one or more social media influencers to begin building your brand and spreading the word about your freelance enterprise.

Instagram is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most powerful social media platforms on the market and, due to your limited spending potential as a freelancer, it is likely better for you to focus on converting the most users on a single market. This means that you will likely find the services of Instagram influencer agencies incredibly beneficial to the development of your brand.

Build Your Skills and Be Reliable

With your brand building underway, you should soon begin to receive orders to work for clients, which is where your abilities as a freelancer should speak for themselves. This is a critical stage for the development of your business, and your success or failure will largely hinge on two aspects of your performance.

Your Skill. At the end of the day, the only thing that is really going to matter to a client is the quality of what you have delivered to them. This means that your skills, along with your reputation, are what will either make or break your career as a freelance worker. You have to be constantly refining your abilities, making sure you’re on top of your game and that every product you deliver is the best it possibly can be.

Your Reliability. Companies like to work with freelancers that they can trust to deliver, which means if you say you are going to do something, you absolutely have to deliver on that. There is no room for you to renege on your agreements in freelance work as your reputation is everything. If you cannot complete a task or need more time to do so, then you must say this from the outset, anything less would be a failure on your part and cataclysmically damaging to your prospects in freelance work.

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