December 9, 2022

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Dubai is notorious for its lavishness. Providing an array of things including apartments or luxury villas for sale in Dubai to cheap budget hotels, the place has it all. Dubai hosts a number of places for shisha lovers too. It is a famous spot for tourists as well as the residents. In the guide below, we have listed the top places for you to enjoy shisha in Dubai in 2021.


If you want to go for delicious Mediterranean mix food with shisha, Verdura is your go-to place then. The first part on our list of the best locations for shisha in Dubai is this place. It is a restaurant that provides a large menu and a range of shisha flavours. Verdura has indoor and outdoor sitting facilities. Next time you get thirsting for some pleasant smoky options, just go Verdura for a nice experience.


Tche Tche Café is one of the amazing shisha lounges in Dubai, paired with a warm atmosphere, elegant modern styles and well-cooked dishes. Smoke the “Argeelah” after finally finishing a meal or drinking your favourite cocktail. There are several Tche Cafe branches in Dubai, including Downtown Dubai and Garhoud.


This place provides better views and more of a party atmosphere than any of the best shisha bars in Dubai, situated across the outdoor infinity pool, in the Address Hotel in Dubai Marina. Live entertainment takes place throughout the week and shisha is given until 1: 00 am. It is pretty convenient to reach this place in a Dubai metro or a taxi.


The cafe-restaurant Shakespeare and Co. is an ideal alternative to sit in a cosy environment with a muffled glow of lamps and fluffy pillows and interiors in British decor. The place is ideal for sharing what took place amongst close friends and colleagues throughout the day. The place provides a range of indoor shisha, that you can relish with tea, coffee, juices, as well as a selection of tasty Middle Eastern and European cuisine dishes and desserts, along with the comprehensive Lebanese cuisines.


Smoky Beach is distinguished by the fun, relaxing atmosphere and splendid view of the Arab Gulf and popular Dubai Ain from the many shisha cafes and bars in Dubai. Feel at the edge of the universe with outstanding service and a vast range of drinks and food at this beachfront venue. The place is situated pretty close to the beach so you can enjoy a fine evening with your friends here tasting their delicious shisha flavours in an excellent atmosphere.


A special location for North African cuisine offering the décor and dishes in a relaxed atmosphere and Maghrebian theme. Along with the restaurant and juice bar, guests will enjoy the ambience and comfort in a particular shisha space. Enjoy a great dinner and shisha viewing the Arabian Gulf and Bluewaters Islands.


Feel the essence of Dubai and experience the breathtaking view of the Dubai Marina with a tasty dinner and shisha with friends. All of this is present in the Buddha-Bar Siddhartha Lounge. In comparison to little cosy shisha cafes, this place catches the atmosphere of transparency, promotes a festive atmosphere throughout the spirit of the evening and syncs with a lively city. A broad choice of shishas, along with a menu consisting of Mediterranean and Asian dishes, is served daily after 5 o’clock in the evening.


In Taj Dubai, the Treehouse Lounge is really like a treehouse, more spacious and magnificent, of course. Comfort and enjoyment will last as long as you want when you order outstanding shisha and thoroughly enjoy the feeling of carefreeness while enjoying Mediterranean-style dinners with signature drinks and fun music. The place offers spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai City that are just amazing.

The aforementioned places will make you a fan of shishas if you try one there. These places should be on the top of your list if you want to experience authentic shisha flavours. You can also try some shisha places near villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah if you want to enjoy shisha at low prices.


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