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[4 Methods] How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android

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Nowadays, there are so many instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp to send and receive messages but still, there is a serious moment when your text messages are deleted from the phone that you need. And as the texts are deleted, the question is how to get them back? Does your phone has a recycle bin? No, it does not. Then?

What you should do to recover deleted text messages on your Android phone? Your phone is not like a computer that has a recycled bin option to find out deleted files. If nothing is getting in your mind then don’t worry, read this blog. 

Method 1: Best Way To Recover Lost Messages On Android Without Backup

You already know that your text messages are not permanently removed from your phone, which means you have a chance to retrieve them. To help in this situation, you need to use Android Message Recovery. This is a professional tool that will work according to your way. It will easily recover deleted text messages on Android without backup.

Whether it’s accidentally, unintentionally, mistakenly, formatting, malware attack or other reasons, this software will retrieve messages easily. The powerful software has the highest success rate in the industry and it’s easy to use without any technical knowledge. It supports all Android phones including Samsung, Huawei, Google, Redmi, Oppo, Vivo and many more.

Method 2: Recover Disappeared Android Text Messages From Carriers

There are some carriers who cooperate with customers to find out the lost data like text messages. Verizon is such a carrier that offers a cloud backup service popularly known as Verizon Cloud. Using this, users can backup and sync their data between devices wirelessly.

Follow the steps to rescue lost messages via Verizon cloud app:

  • First, open the Verizon cloud app
  • Then click on hamburger menu > then on Settings > Tools > Content Restore
  • Now from here, choose Messages and click on the Restore button in the top right

But if your carrier is not Verizon then this kind of feature will not be available for you. In such a case, you have to contact your carrier to recover lost text messages. It’s not a permanent solution because they might not give you those messages back. Though your message copies are stored on its server for legal reasons and have their policies and also several laws that can stop them from providing you with the text messages deleted from your end. 

Method 3: Use Third-Party Apps To Restore Deleted Text Messages From Android

There are many third-party apps in Google Play Store that can help you in this situation. One such app is SMS Backup & Restore that you can download from the Play store and use it. 

But remember that you need to backup all your text messages before they are deleted from your devices. Once you have created a backup, now it’s easy to restore them whenever required.

Check the steps below:

  • First, you have to launch SMS Backup & Restore on your Android phone
  • Now click on the Restore option
  • Then click on checkboxes just next to the backup you want to restore. Here you will get both call logs and text messages depending on what you select to backup
  • Next, click on the arrow just next to SMS messages backup when you have stored more than one backup
  • Here, click on Restore
  • And then click on OK. Here you will get a box that tells that if you want to restore messages then you have to set SMS Backup and Restore as the default messaging app
  • After that, click on Yes and then your text messages will begin to restore
  • Once the restoration is over, click on the Close option

Method 4: Delete And Restore Messages On Phone

Remember, this method will work only when you created a backup of the Android phone of all text messages. But if have not yet backed up text messages till now then you can start from your Google Drive account. You have to choose Settings > Google Backup and then choose SMS messages in the new menu.

But do remember that if your phone has Google Drive then your data might be backing up automatically. When texts are deleted and you want them to recover from Google Drive then you have to take immediate action because it updates backup every 12 to 24 hours.

The problem with this Google Drive to restore text messages is that it’s an archive and it means that it will update the entire text history to the previous setting once. And it also means that you cannot restore individual text messages.


Text messages are still important and when they are lost or deleted then to retrieve them, there are several methods you can apply.  The best is to check the backup of those texts anywhere you have created before. Either on Google Drive or using any other third-party apps. If not then you can use Android Message Recovery software to recover deleted text messages on Android without backup.

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