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12 WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Your Site Search

4 min read
WordPress Search

WordPress Search

Almost all of us know that the default WordPress feature is somewhat restricted. But there are a plethora of WordPress search plugins that can surely enhance the default search experience. The only reason to use the WordPress plugin is it helps in boosting engagement and also claims to allow visitors to stay on your site for a long time.

Some of the best WordPress plugins that you must try are:

  1. Search WP:

Experts who offer WordPress plugin development service suggest that you cannot go wrong with the Search WP plugin as it provides the best custom search plugin for the host. The plugin mostly allows searches for various elements including keywords, content, slug categories, comments, etc. Additionally, you can manage the algorithm by assisting the weight of each content type. 

  1. Elastic press:

The plugin is known to be a hosted WordPress search site created on ElasticSearch. Rather than working on the WordPress site, it is most likely to run the search queries on the cloud, and the results are declared instantly. Additionally, it is relatively easy to use and also works amazingly with one of the best WordPress hosting providers. 

  1. Ivory Search:

If you are planning to replace the existing WordPress search engine, then Ivory search is one of your best bets. It is mainly because it allows you to create multiple custom search forms. Each form tends to have its own personalized settings. These settings will enable you to build dynamic structures for various areas of your site.

  1. WP Google Search:

You can easily replace the default WordPress search engine with WP Google Search Plugin. All you need to do is create a Google Custom search for your website, and above all, it is pretty simple to use. Experts who offer WordPress plugin development suggest that after doing this, you can duplicate the search Engine ID and also paste it as per the plugin settings.

  1. SearchWP Ajax Live:

It is said that SearchWP Ajax Live tends to be an addon plugin, but it can efficiently work for any WordPress search which uses the inbuilt templates from WordPress. The plugin is most likely to improve the current WordPress search as the user begins to type. It also offers enhanced user experience and also doesn’t need any page to reload.  

  1. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search:

It is one of the best WordPress products that helps the users to find the products on the store instantly. The best part about this plugin is that it is highly customizable as you can easily show thumbnails, prices, and promotions in some of the live search results. Additionally, you can also integrate search bar to different categories. 

  1. Ajax Search for WooCommerce:

WordPress web development experts suggest that you can easily fetch the search results with this page without reloading the page. It also features a robust product SKU search and is also easy to implement in the navigation sidebar.

  1. Woof Products filter for WooCommerce:

It is not only a useful plugin but also a fantastic search companion for Woocommerce stores. It includes several options like colors, size, categories, etc. Additionally, in the sidebar widget, you can choose to display the search and filtering options. Above all, even beginners can set up this plugin easily, and it also allows developers to customize it. 

  1. Relevanssi:

One of the most popular WordPress Plugins used by developers is Relevanssi. It is mostly because it enhances the WordPress search by fetching search results in a better way. It can search for various things including user profiles, custom fields, tags, and categories. The base plugin can be used without paying anything extra.

  1. WP extended search- 

Professional who offers WordPress web development services suggests that WP extended Search is a lightweight and straightforward WordPress plugin that enables users to develop the functionality of the existing WordPress search. All you need to do is visit the plugin settings and choose the options that you want to include in the investigation.  

  1. Better search:

This is a great plugin to replace the default WordPress plugin as it allows you to search through different posts and find results that prove to be more relevant. Additionally, you can assign some weights to the elements to enhance the quality of search results.

  1. Search Exclude:

As the name suggests, the plugin allows you to exclude the items simply that you wouldn’t like to include in a WordPress search. Simply you can add a checkbox for posts, Woocommerce products, and pages. 

Wrap up:

Among all the WordPress plugins, you should choose to implement as it offers incredible features. Above all its budget-friendly for small businesses, and it also has a WooCommerceaddon. All we hope that this article is helpful to you. You can choose any plugin as per your requirement. 

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